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TypeScript Support

GraphQL Mesh supports TypeScript, and you can easily use it to generate typings for the fetched data, and for you custom resolvers that specific under additionalResolvers

Type safety for custom resolvers#

GraphQL Mesh allows for API handler packages to provide TypeScript typings in order to have types support in your code.

First you need to install ts-node to allow NodeJS handle .ts files before adding require section to your configuration file like below;

yarn add ts-node

Then in your .meshrc.yml file;

- ts-node/register/transpile-only
- ./src/mesh-resolvers.ts

Then, use the CLI command to generate the typings file based on your unified GraphQL schema:

mesh build

See more about artifacts

Now, you can import Resolvers interface from the generated file, and use it as the type for your custom resolvers. It will make sure that your parent value, arguments, context type and return value are fully compatible with the implementation. It will also provide fully typed SDK from the context:

import { Resolvers } from './.mesh';
export const resolvers: Resolvers = {
// Your custom resolvers here

Type safety for fetched data#

See Mesh as SDK section.