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Schema Registry for your GraphQL Workflows

GraphQL Mesh

GraphQL Mesh

Query anything, run anywhere.

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Basic Usage#

To get started with a simple Mesh, create a GraphQL Mesh configuration file .meshrc.yaml, under your project root, and fill in your sources, for example:

sources: - name: StackExchange handler: openapi: source:

This demo will use the public API of StackExchange, which uses openapi spec, so we'll need to make sure we have @graphql-mesh/openapi handler installed as well:

yarn add graphql @graphql-mesh/openapi

Learn more about OpenAPI Handler

Try your new API#

GraphQL Mesh comes with a built-in GraphiQL interface, so it means that you can try your newly-created GraphQL before writing any line of code. All you need to get started is the configuration file.

To test your new GraphQL API based on your API specs, you can run:

yarn mesh dev

This will serve a GraphiQL interface with your schema, so you'll be able to test it right away, before integrating it to your application, you can try to run a test query.

Open your browser in http://localhost:4000 to start using it.

For example, the following query will fetch unanswered questions on StackOverflow:

query ListQuestions { listUnansweredQuestions(site: "stackoverflow") { items { title tags isAnswered answerCount link } } }

You can give it a try and run it directly in your browser.

You can find the complete example here

What's next?#

Checkout Recipes section to learn more about GraphQL Mesh!