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File uploads#

Thanks to its server based on GraphQL Yoga , GraphQL Mesh provides file upload support out of the box.

Similarly, just a few configuration changes will be necessary to forward file uploads to Sources.



Sources file uploads#

The following Gateway integrates a "UploadFiles" Source that has file upload capabilities:

To support forwarding file uploads to the "UploadFiles" Source, we will need to add the maxRequestBodySize to the serve configuration:


# ... serve: maxRequestBodySize: 10mb

You will find the complete example in examples/graphql-file-upload-example/.meshrc.yml .



Custom resolvers file uploads#

Custom resolvers, programmatically provided by additionalResolvers, can also support File uploads (ex: upload to S3).

For this, the only configuration step would be to define the File scalar to enable file uploads and our file upload Mutation:


sources: # ... transforms: # ... additionalTypeDefs: | scalar Upload extend Mutation { uploadFile(upload: Upload!): File! } additionalResolvers: - "./resolvers"

Then the resolvers would look as follow:


import { Resolvers } from './.mesh' const resolvers: Resolvers = { Mutation: { uploadFile: async (_, { upload }) => { const filename =; const arrayBuffer = await upload.arrayBuffer(); const buffer = Buffer.from(arrayBuffer); // upload file to S3... return { filename }; }, }, } export default resolvers