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Live Queries#

GraphQL Live Query implementation from Laurin Quast can be used in GraphQL Mesh with a few additions in the configuration.

Basic Usage#

You have a Query root field that returns all Todo entities from your data source like below.

query getTodos { todos { id content } }

And you want to update this operation result automatically without manual refresh when Mutation.addTodo is called.

You only need to add the following to your existing configuration.

additionalTypeDefs: | directive @live on QUERY liveQueryInvalidations: - field: Mutation.addTodo invalidate: - Query.todos

Then you can send a live query with @live directive.

query getTodos @live { todos { id content } }

This will start a real-time connection between the server and your client. The response of todos will get updated whenever addTodo is called.



ID Based Invalidation#

Let's say you have the following query that returns a specific Todo entity based on id field;

query getTodo($id: ID!) { todo(id: $id) { id content } }

If you update this entity with editTodo mutation field on your backend, then you want to invalidate this entity specifically instead of validating all todo queries;

liveQueryInvalidations: - field: Mutation.editTodo invalidate: - Todo:{}

In a case where the field resolver resolves null but might resolve to an object type later, e.g., because the visibility got update the field that uses a specific id argument can be invalidated in the following way:

liveQueryInvalidations: - field: Mutation.editTodo invalidate: - Query.todo(id:"{}")



Programmatic Usage#

liveQueryStore is available in GraphQL Context, so you can access it in resolvers composition functions that wrap existing resolvers or additional resolvers;

See Resolvers Composition

transforms: - resolversComposition: - resolver: Mutation.editTodo composer: invalidate-todo#invalidateTodo

And in this code file;

module.exports = { invalidateTodo: next => async (root, args, context, info) => { const result = await next(root, args, context, info); context.liveQueryStore.invalidate(`Todo:${}`); return result; } }

You can learn more about GraphQL Live Query in its documentation.

You can check out our example that uses live queries