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This handler allows you to use the GraphQL schema created by @neo4j/graphql .

To get started, install the handler library:

yarn add @graphql-mesh/neo4j

Now, you can use it directly in your Mesh config file:

sources: - name: Neo4j handler: neo4j: url: neo4j://localhost username: neo4j password: MY_PASSWORD



Config API Reference#

  • url (type: String, required) - URL for the Neo4j Instance e.g. neo4j://localhost
  • username (type: String, required) - Username for basic authentication
  • password (type: String, required) - Password for basic authentication
  • alwaysIncludeRelationships (type: Boolean) - Specifies whether relationships should always be included in the type definitions as relationship types, even if the relationships do not have properties.
  • database (type: String) - Specifies database name
  • typeDefs (type: String) - Provide GraphQL Type Definitions instead of inferring