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Apache Thrift


This handler allows you to consume Apache Thrift .thrift files and generate a remote executable schema for those services.

To get started, install the handler library from NPM:

$ yarn add @graphql-mesh/thrift

Now, you can use it directly in your Mesh config file:

- name: Calculator
idl: ./src/thrift/calculator.thrift
hostName: localhost
port: 8080
path: /thrift
serviceName: calculator-service

You can check out our example that uses Thrift Handler.

Config API Reference#

  • hostName (type: String, required) - The name of the host to connect to.
  • port (type: Int, required) - The port number to attach to on the host.
  • path (type: String) - The path on which the Thrift service is listening. Defaults to '/thrift'.
  • https (type: Boolean) - Boolean value indicating whether to use https. Defaults to false.
  • protocol (type: String (binary | compact | json)) - Name of the Thrift protocol type to use. Defaults to 'binary'.
  • serviceName (type: String, required) - The name of your service. Used for logging.
  • operationHeaders (type: JSON) - JSON object representing the Headers to add to the runtime of the API calls
  • schemaHeaders (type: JSON) - If you are using a remote URL endpoint to fetch your schema, you can set headers for the HTTP request to fetch your schema.
  • idl (type: String, required) - Path to IDL file