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SQLite / Tuql#


This handler allows you to use GraphQL schema created by Tuql , based on an SQLite database schema or an SQL dump file.

To get started, install the handler library:

yarn add @graphql-mesh/tuql

Now, you can use it directly in your Mesh config file:

sources: - name: MyDb handler: tuql: db: path/to/database.sqlite

And also you can create an in-memory database using an SQL dump file;

sources: - name: MyDb handler: tuql: infile: path/to/db_dump.sql



Codesandbox Example#

You can check out our example that uses Tuql Handler.



Config API Reference#

  • db (type: String) - Pointer to your SQLite database
  • infile (type: String) - Path to the SQL Dump file if you want to build a in-memory database