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Encapsulate Transform#

The encapsulate transform allows to easily encapsulate a specific schema into a single field under the root type.

For instance, if your handler created a schema like this, named mySchema:

type Query { something: String } type Mutation { doSomething: String }

The encapsulate transform will change your schema to this:

type Query { mySchema: mySchemaQuery! } type Mutation { mySchema: mySchemaMutation! } type mySchemaQuery { something: String } type mySchemaMutation { doSomething: String }

This transformer is useful when you have multiple APIs in your Mesh Gateway and you wish to have it wrapped with a name to better understand where each field is coming from.

To get started with this transform, install it:

yarn add @graphql-mesh/transform-encapsulate



How to use?#

transforms: - encapsulate: applyTo: query: true mutation: false subscription: false



Config API Reference#

  • name (type: String) - Optional, name to use for grouping under the root types. If not specific, the API name is used.
  • applyTo (type: Object) - Allow you to choose which root operations you would like to apply. By default, it's applied to all root types.:
    • query (type: Boolean)
    • mutation (type: Boolean)
    • subscription (type: Boolean)